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Hello from Your Chief Motivational Officer

I'm a retired corporate lawyer and beauty pageant coach-turned MBA in the luxury industry. If you haven't run in the opposite direction yet, I should also note that my hobbies and interests include googling Game of Thrones spoilers, polishing semiprecious gemstones and helping friends find the right dog for their Tinder pictures. You can read more about me in the GQ feature and my personal website, linked at the top.

And while working out is clearly one of the great loves of my life, I also enjoy collecting degrees and licenses!

Let Me See Some ID

BA, Stanford University (2006)
JD, Yale Law School (2010)
MBA, Stanford Graduate School of Business (2017)
CPT, National Academy of Sports Medicine (2017)
AJP, Gemological Institute of America (2016)

I'm also a notary public and real estate broker in NY. All of these are highly relevant, excellent skills for handling True Barre classes at 8 am.

Equinox Palo Alto, Equinox DC, Equinox Tysons Corner, Equinox San Francisco, Equinox Palo Alto, Equinox Preston Hollow, Equinox Dallas, Equinox Lincoln Park, Equinox Chicago...

Why Equinox?

I'm a former overweight kid who discovered fitness later in life. I used to be terrified to walk into a gym, let alone try a weight machine. Then, even after years of lifting, I refused to take a group fitness class. I embarrass myself enough on a regular basis. Equinox helped me take it to the next level – specifically people like Amy Amato, now teaching perpetually oversubscribed Tabata classes @ Brookfield Place.

Through my years of traveling the world negotiating Wall Street deals, training Miss Universe contestants and working in fashion for Net-A-Porter, I've always found a eucalyptus-scented haven at Equinox. But the real adventure has been discovering how people from LA to London, Toronto to Texas, Miami to Midtown approach fitness + life. It's been the best part of this odyssey, and one I hope to capture as we travel the world together in these pages.


Everyone always asks my favorite club. I don't have an objective one (I have a clear top 5 in my head) but Huntington Beach is my sentimental love.


I'm always biased towards Tabata, since it once stripped 9% body fat off me, but have to go with MetCon3. I've taken it across the world, and it remains your best bet for a complete workout.


The weird Earth Bar cookies. You'll find them more in the Southern California clubs, but they are insanely addictive without disclosing any nutritional information.